Sooooo, I haven't been up here in forEVERRRR, lol.  I recently made a youtube video showing all the jewelry I've made.  People have been asking me if I am going going to sell them them.  Hmmmmm, should I?  I want to but I don't.  I'll keep thinking about it.  Maybe I will.  If I do it will be wire jewelry.  I luv making those the most.  Anywho, heres the video-
I tried out the bantu knots for the first time today.  I plan on keeping these in for some days.  The only bad thing is that I did them to tight and my head is killing me.  I loosened them up, so hopefully it won't hurt tomorrow because I want to keep them in as long as possible.
I am really hating this drink.  I can't wait til it is over.  I was going to do it for 14 days but, now I'm going to do it for 10 days.  I keep forgetting that I can't eat food.  I've almost eaten so many times.  Yesterday I made a mistake and ate a french fry.  I wasn't even thinking.  Today, I've been thinking about nothing but food. 

It is tooo spicy and hard for me to drink.  For my next batch, I'm going to put less cayenne pepper in it.  I've only drunk this 1 time yesterday and today.  I'm supposed to be drinking it 6-12 a day.  I am not a drinker, so it's even harder for me to drink it.  The sea salt water flush is the worst.  I didn't do it yesterday, but I tried it this morning and I could not drink it.  There is an alternative to the sea salt water flush, which is a laxative tea.  So I am going to try that out tomorrow, but I don't like tea.  I'm just all messed up, lol.

I just hope I make it these 10 days because I've  been thnking about giving up all day.
Sooooo, I decided to do the master cleanse diet.  It is purified water, lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  It gets rid of the toxins in your body and helps you lose weight.  You do the diet for 10 days, but I am going to do it for 14 days or more.  You only drink this all day and you can not eat.  Also with this drink, there is a sea salt water flush, which is done everyday. 

I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I thought it would taste nasty, and it doesn't taste nasty, it's just spicy.  Hopefully I get use to the spiciness.  So we will see how this goes.  I am still doing the insanity workout.  By me doing both of these I should really see some results.

Here are the ingredients.  I bought cayenne red pepper because they only had cayenne pepper in a big container, and I wasn't trying to buy that much...but that was too spicy, so I ended up buying the big cayenne pepper.

Sooooooo, ur girl is gonna be in a natural hair fashion show, yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!  If you all remember I made a video some months back saying how I wanted to be in a natural hair show.  I'm not going to be in a hair show but I will be in a fashion show with models who have natural hair.  I am soooo excited, I've never done anything like this before.  The thing that I really really luv, is that it is going to be in my area, Norfolk, VA.  Woop, woop!!  It's going to be May 20th from 5pm to 9pm at the Ted Constant Convencation Center.  Youtubers Chary-Jay and Sugar will be hosting the show.  Also on May 19th, there will be a natural hair meetup at Roger Browns in Portsmouth, VA from 4pm to 7pm.  Chary Jay will be there so you can meet her.  So if you are going to be in the area, you should come out.  You can order tickets from Tickets are $15 and VIP tickets are $30.  You can get more information about the VIP tickets from the website.  Hope to see you there. :)
Here are some more loc jewelry that I have created.  I want to do a youtube video, but my laptop is out of commission. :(
I posted a pic of this hairstyle on facebook and someone asked me to do a tutorial.  So I made a youtube video.  Everyone is loving this hairstyle.  I've never got so much feedback on one of my videos in one day before.
I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv these earrings.  I ordered these from BOABW House.  She has a lot of custom made and hand painted earrings.  Her website is Check her out. :)

Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!  I finished the first month of the insanity workout.  I'm so proud of myself.  This is a big accomplishment because the insanity workout is definitely insane.  I lost an inch each off of my stomach, hips and thighs in 2 wks.  My face even got smaller.  I wish I would've documented my results from the beginning of the workout, but I started documenting at 2 wks.  This week I am going to be doing the recovery dvd all week and then I start the 2nd mth; which I am so scared to do because it is even more insane.  So I should see huge results.  I can't wait to finish.  I will have my next update in 3 wks. 
You can see a little difference
stomach-31 in
hips-39 in
r. thigh-24 in
l. thigh 23
I'm going to learn how to do this next.  This is hot.